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The procurement digital Tool for

The software web APTSE is an exclusive platform of dedicated electronic auctions, B2B, created based on the great experience developed by Gestplast Ingeniería in the management of purchase projects and negotiations through reverse e-Auctions. APTSE has been designed to satisfy the Purchasing services of most of the companies, regardless of their size or sector, being fully compatible with both small, medium and large companies.

How Reverse e-AUCTIONS
help your Organization?

One of the most transparent and secure methods to carry out professional negotiations and achieve the most optimal results in your purchasing process, but sourcing only that you want.

Our proposal is about dedicated electronic auctions, only to invited participating suppliers, who present and improve their quotations in real time according to their strategy, and always respecting the previously agreed conditions.

Achieve the best results at the purchsaing negotiations with APTSE

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Discover our PROPOSALS
With APTSE, you will find the solution that best suits your needs.


SAAS Subscription.

Get full access to APTSE by acquiring the pay-per-use service, that is, for a monthly or annual fee you will have all the APTSE functionalities to manage your reverse auctions.
“Software as a Service” SAAS.




If you prefer the software APTSE acquisition, you can get your license for full control of your purchasing projects, and you will be able to have total autonomy in the management of negotiation processes by e-Auction and RFQ’s. You can have the APTSE platform with the conditions and benefits you need in your organization.


Our proposal for purchasing project management does not require an extra activity for our clients since we take care of everything. You will avoid to spend resources, our team performs the analysis, proposes the options according to your strategy and will performs the configuration and management of each  e-Auction.

What kind of e-Auction you can do?

Select the most appropiated for you negotiation.


  • Classic or english

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    The participants bid on-line in accordance with their quotations and according their strategy during a limited time duration.
  • Dutch

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    The price increases each defined short time, the winner is the first to accept.
  • Brazilian

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    With a defined cost amount, the participant bids with a number of units offered for that amount.
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Really, uncountless advantages.

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IMPROVE your Purchasing prices.

The main advantage of a reverse e-Auction is the reduction of the purchase price, since it has been proved that sourcing projects carried out through dedicated e-Auctions improve results compared to traditional face-to-face negotiations, increasing the margin of purchase and optimizing the costs of any organization.

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Are you a SUPPLIER?

If you participate in an e-Auctions session, you will also obtain benefits, you will have the possibility to offer your best quotation knowing the real existing situation. And if you are really competitive, you will have the opportunity to offer your best quotation to get the business.
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WITHOUT changes in your usual process.

Our proposal does not replace a traditional negotiation but rather complements it, without the need to introduce changes and always working with the approved suppliers of your homologated panel. It is therefore a closed process that ensures the quality of purchases since only the buyer decides.       

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You DECIDE who participate.

The e-Auctions sessions with APTSE are totally dedicated, that is, only the suppliers invited to the session participate, therefore, it is not an open negotiation process. In this way we ensure that the negotiation is carried out with the desired suppliers and with the products or services that are really required.
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REDUCE the negotiation time.

e-Auction is also one of the most efficient negotiation methods that exist, since in a reduced period of time, it allows to obtain the best quotation that each supplier can provide, without penalizing any other factor, reducing negotiation times.                                                                                                                                               

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EFFICIENT and truly negotiation.

The management of purchases and negotiations within any company, are an important agent that directly affects its results. Efficient negotiations ensure that real market prices are achieved and avoiding hidden margins that may exist within supplier companies.

Some FEATURES of APTSE online software.

APTSE is the perfect sotware platform for any purchasing process, being possible to launch a RFQ phase to the selected suppliers, exchange project files and finally carry out the final negotiation through e-Auction.

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Simple, Easy and Intuitive.


Manage your RF'x.

APTSE provides you the possibility of sharing files for the RFQ phase, so that the necessary files can be uploaded by the administrator so that suppliers can manage their offers in the phase prior to the e-Auction session. In the same way, participants can upload their files to be managed by the project administrator.


All the e-AUCTION settings.

Each e-Auction requires its configuration depending on the trading strategy. With APTSE you have multiple configuration options such as defining the starting price and whether the prices are visible, or simply showing the ranking. You can also configure several references within the same session or weight the price of one of your suppliers.

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On-line contact with participants.

During the e-Auction session, there is the possibility of making communications between the client, participant, and administrator through chat. This tool allows solving doubts in real time that may arise during the session, as well as exchanging any information related to the session. Manage the session follow up.

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Learn about some

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1Sign in to APTSE.

And start to enjoy of all its advantages.
Create your projects for RF’x management and register the users, invite only to whom you want to participate.
Upload the RF’x documents as specifications, purchasing conditions, confidentiallity agreement….. , the invited users could see and download them.
The supplier could also upoload the quotations and proposals into their personal place on the project.

2 Start to manage your projects.

Manage your organization, register the users and manage their roles, create your companies suppliers database and contacts names. You will be ready to create your sourcing proyects and make the follow up of all related activites. Get all digital sourcing projects of your company in one site and share them with your colleagues.
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3Register the e-AUCTION sessions.

Manage as many sessions as you need. Your project may require several auctions, they will be treated as lots. Invite only to the suppliers you decide to participate, no one else can join to the event.

4 Set up the parameters.

Use the multiple e-Auction setting parameters.
What kind of e-Auction do you prefer? Classic, Dutch….. Your sourcing strategy has to match with the final negotiation process.

A right strategy in the configuration is key to achieve the best results.
Decide on the starting price, the minimum and maximum reductions, the information that the participants will see …….

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5 Finishing the settings and GO.

Add the auction references, the articles, productos, services description…  that is, for what the suppliers bid. And don’t forget to introduce extensions time in your event, they are truly important.
Once the auction settings has been completed, invite to the participants.

Some of our CUSTOMERS.


Choose the Plan according your necessities
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  • Unlimited Projects.
  • Unlimited e-Auctions
  • Classic, Dutch and Brazilian e-Auction.
  • Full RFx Management.
  • All setting Options.
  • Autobidding.
  • Minumum and Maximum Limits Bid Settings.
  • Extra Time Settings.
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Do you have any other necessities and requirements?

Tell us about your what you need, we will find the best solution for you, since your own license for your organization to specific subscription plans.

Contact us and apply for your personalized demo.

We will contact you to schedule an active demonstration customized to your activity.
We will extend all the information you need and solve your doubts.

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